Firebird BBQ


Firebird is a passionate spin-off of Umami Bites, a celebration of our truest colors, our most flavorful passions, where we focus on Mastering three key elements:

1) Quality Meats 2) Wood Fire Smoke and 3) Patience

We use animals either straight from our farm from farms we know well and are proud of.  Our animals are from family farms, raised on pasture, and are without hormones or antibiotics.  Happy means healthy, and healthy means tasty.  We are proud members of the Local Roots Farmers' Cooperative in Wooster, OH

adam walking pigs.jpg

We take our time, using Thai Rotisserie and Carolina BBQ style cooking methods that are as old as time themselves. We build the pit and rotisserie ourselves, and are happy to show them off.  Just stop by and ask!

Cooking with wood is certainly not the easiest way to do it.  Matter of fact, it's fair to say it's the toughest way.  But, Firebird is about patience, and there's no doubt in our mind that the effort we put into creating the perfect coals, time and time again, results in an experience that's more than worth the effort!